Dr. Lillian Omutoko is a member of National Bioethics Committee, Kenya; Kenyatta National Hospital Ethics Research Committee; Bioethics Society of Kenya; International Association of Ethics Education and the Vice-Chairperson of Research Ethics Association of Southern Africa. She is the Regional Coordinator of Nairobi Campus, and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Open Learning, University of Nairobi. She is a seasoned professional educator and conducts multidisciplinary research in Education, Project Planning and management, Gender and Management. Lillian holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research Ethics and is currently pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Global Ethics, University of Anahuac, Mexico. She has received Fogarty Scholarship Awards from National Institutes of Health for a fellowship at University of Washington and Stellenbosch University where she studied Health Research Ethics. Lillian is a Faculty member of Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture – Kenya Medical Research Institute (CBEC-KEMRI) Bioethics Training Initiative and a Co-investigator in European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) Project on Strengthening Ethics Review and Oversight in Kenya. Dr. Omutoko is a National Commission of Science and Technology Trainer where she trains Review Ethics Committee Members and provides oversight services to ensure compliance to research regulatory requirements by Research Ethics Committees (REC). Lillian participated in developing of the Training Guide for RECs and has published a chapter in a Springer Publication ‘Social Science Research Ethics in Africa’ An African Perspective of Benefits in Social Science Research. In collaboration with Kenya National Commission of UNESCO, she has been involved in establishment of Hospital Ethics Committees in Hospitals in Kenya.